Latest News

January 2005 PortletBridge Portlet 1.1.2 has been released.
January 2005 PortletBridge Portlet 1.1.1 has been released.
January 2005 PortletBridge Portlet 1.1 Final has been released!
December 2005 PortletBridge Portlet 1.1-rc2 has been released. Features include: Upgrade to neko 0.9.5, Parser feature and property support and stylesheetUrl preference support.
November 2005 PortletBridge Portlet 1.1-rc1 has been released. Features include: Base URL support, initial configurable authenticator support and various bug fixes.
November 2005 PortletBridge Portlet 1.1-beta3 has been released. Features include: Better integration with Gridsphere 2.1.1, configurable request id's to avoid clashes and is compiled with Java 1.4.2.
October 2005 PortletBridge Portlet 1.1-beta2 has been released. New features include: rewriting of remote css and javascript; configurable regular expressions for css and javascript; upgrade to httpclient rc4; and numerous bug fixes.
October 2005 PortletBridge Portlet 1.1-beta1 has been released.
September 2005 PortletBridge Portlet 1.0 has been released. If you find it useful please let me know by mail at dkfn at Same goes for any bugs, enhancement requests etc.
September 2005 PortletBridge Portlet beta 1 has been released. While there are still a few todo's, the PortletBridge portlet is essentially feature complete for 1.0. That said, if there are any features you'd like to see in the portlet, please let me know by mail at dkfn at
August 2005 PortletBridge Portlet 0.4 Released. New features include: the ability to secure the edit page; editing of the xsl preference; guid generation; better management of processed links.
August 2005 PortletBridge Portlet 0.3.1 Released. This is a bug fix release.
August 2005 PortletBridge Portlet 0.3 Released. This is a complete rewrite based on and using code kindly donated by Rickard Öberg.


JBoss Portal 2.0
Liferay 3.6.0
Pluto 1.0.1 Release Candidate 2


The Portlet Bridge Portlet is a web clipping proxy portlet that allows web application be hosted as portlets. See the PortletBridge Portlet project for more information. The portlet bridge portlet makes downstream HTTP calls and uses CyberNeko and XSLT to do the web clipping.


Portlet Bridge requires Java 1.4 or above.


  • Many thanks to Rickard for writing the specification (and challenge) that this project is based on.
  • Even more thanks to Rickard for his donation of code to this project.
  • Thanks to the fine folks at Apache for their Commons projects, Cyberneko, Xalan and Xerces etc.
  • Thanks to Julien Viet from JBoss for his helpful advice and support
  • Thanks to the guys at Gridsphere for helping integrate PortletBridge
  • Thanks to Steve Woodcock for his JGUID project