Have you been an active player of online casinos for years? Then you are undoubtedly also aware of the fact that the range of online casinos has increased considerably over the years. Not only European or American casinos, but also online casinos from Asia and other parts of the world are mixing in the market. For you as a player, this competition is only good, because it allows you to benefit from more games, better service and of course the best bonuses & promotions. Thanks to innovations, the possibilities of the online casino have also been increasingly subject to change in recent years, such as the Live casino and the Android / iOS apps that online casinos are increasingly using. Are you interested in these new online casinos in the Netherlands? Read what the benefits are for you.

The latest innovations in the online casino

The online casino industry has been around for about 20 years, but a lot has changed in that short period. More and more is possible via the Live casino and mobile apps offer. The new online casinos also know how to distinguish themselves better and better, because thanks to innovations they seem to understand what today’s online casino player expects; a wide range, the best customer service, many payment options, high graphics performance and bonuses. The online casino industry is still far from saturation, as relatively new online casinos have managed to establish their name in recent years.

By being the first to implement new innovations, they become the new faces of the online casino market; fresh, progressive and distinctive. And speaking of innovations, there is also a strong development going on in the online casino world in the Netherlands. In the recent period, more and more voices have been raised about the liberalization of the online casino industry in the Netherlands, which also gives private parties the opportunity to set up a new online casino. The law that must ensure this is the ‘Remote Gambling Act’. This has not yet been passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives. It will be the definitive breakthrough in the online casino industry in the Netherlands.

Reliability: An important pillar

In the current situation, new online casinos enter the market almost every day. In general, these are serious online casinos that place high bets on reliability and good offerings. On the other hand, we also find online casinos that afterwards turn out not to be very reliable. This is difficult to handle at the latest casinos and that ensures that reliability is one of the pitfalls for new casinos. In general, we speak of ‘reliable’ at online casinos when they have both licenses and various permits. An online casino that is just starting, however, only has one license, for example that of Gibraltar, Malta or Curacao. Unfortunately, that does not say enough about the actual reliability of the casino, such as when we look at (out) payment traffic, customer service and offer. That is why new online casinos, especially in a critical country like the Netherlands, must first work on a good and reliable name for a longer period of time before players finally join.

Bonuses and Promotions

When we look for a new online casino in the Netherlands, we naturally pay attention to the bonus and promotional offer. Nothing better than an authentic and high welcome bonus for you as a new player. But maybe you want to stay longer at that one new casino and then you expect promotions to give the gaming fun an extra boost. The other way around, it is also important for a new casino to offer the best bonuses and promotions, in order to get ‘in the picture’. The welcome bonus is the most important bonus in this; this ensures that potential new players do or do not create an account at the casino. That is also good news for you as a player, because you can take advantage of the best bonuses and additional promotions.

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