Right Attitude To Win

Right Attitude To Win

In online casino gambling, you need to have the right mindset and attitude to win big in whichever casino games Singapore you wish to play. Here are some of the tips of the right attitude you should have:-



Some time ago, a young skater was included in the squad for the world championship. He immediately became champion. No one on the OnlineCasinoGround editorial team still knows which skater it was. We suspect Bart Veldkamp.

Skating experts attributed his unexpected gains to his open-mindedness. The skater barely prepared. In Heerenveen he worked on his car a few minutes before he had to hit the track. After a few games won, the pressure grew. He stopped working on his car and lost his open-mindedness. Beginner’s luck, although he was no longer a beginner by then.


Open attitude

According to psychologists, an open attitude is the key to continuing to experience ‘beginner happiness’. Gamblers who have experience, for example in the strategic game of blackjack, know the rules well and have developed strategies, no longer play with an open mind. While the inexperienced beginner is not bothered by this yet. Without baggage, the beginner plays a game and makes moves in which an experienced player scratches behind the ears.

But how do you, as an experienced player, maintain that open attitude, the necessary open-mindedness? That is quite difficult. Not only your environment plays a role in this. In your body, there are often unconscious processes that slow you down in your open-mindedness.


Print and detail

Pressure is an important brake on yourself. You are an experienced player, not a beginner. So something is expected of you or have you convinced yourself of it. This pressure manifests itself in all kinds of forms. For example, the part of your brain that makes decisions blocks. As a result, you think and reason less well. You worry that you will make mistakes, which is why you will make mistakes.

An important difference with the beginner is also wanting to have too much control. This may arise from the pressure imposed. You then focus too much on details that you usually do not pay attention to.


Experience and training

The first solution is to trust your knowledge and experience, and the training you have received (as a result). Ronaldo is known to continue with a particular exercise after a workout. While everyone is already in the locker room, he shoots a hundred times from a certain point on the target. The precise movement to get the ball to a certain place in the goal ultimately lies in his body.

He no longer has to think about it during a match. He can rely on his preparation, experience and training. The only pressure may come from the moment of competition; with a 0-0 score, his free-kick naturally puts more pressure than with a sufficient lead.


Procedural memory

At Ronaldo, we may see the beautiful free-kick as a body tuned to success. But it is a mechanism of the brain. They remember the trained free-kick as a subtle procedure in which the brain and limbs work together.

That procedural memory exists in everything we ultimately do based on knowledge, experience and routine. So even with a game of poker, roulette or at the touch of a button on a slot machine. And there is a danger in that if you want to keep the open-mindedness of beginner happiness. As useful as that particular memory is, you’ll have to let go of it.


Letting go

In fact, as an experienced player, you have an advantage. You know many details about the game you enjoy playing and may be aware of multiple play and betting strategies. You can rely on that experience and knowledge, which will not be taken away from you when you play as a beginner. All you have to do is let go. That is of course easier said than done.

One method is forcing. Make a different bet than you usually do, or take an unexpected game action. You will see how refreshing that is. What photographers sometimes do is shoot from the hip without adjusting their camera. No attention for the rules around composition, aperture and shutter speed. The photos taken sometimes contain very surprising photos. You will see that forcibly deviating from your usual way of playing leads to new game ideas, new (roulette) strategies and perhaps lasting happiness, like that of a beginner.

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