Release History

1.1 January 2005
1.1.1 January 2005
1.1 January 2005
1.1-rc2 January 2005
1.1-rc2 December 2005
1.1-rc1 November 2005
1.1-beta3 November 2005
1.1-beta2 October 2005
1.1-beta1 15 September 2005
1.0 15 September 2005
1.0-beta1 01 September 2005
0.4 26 August 2005
0.3.1 19 August 2005
0.3 17 August 2005
0.2 3 July 2005

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Release 1.1 - January 2005

update Redirect after post bug fixed some more dkfn
update Redirect after get bug fixed dkfn
update Get with additional query string bug fixed dkfn

Release 1.1.1 - January 2005

update Redirect after post bug fix dkfn

Release 1.1 - January 2005


Release 1.1-rc2 - January 2005

update Upgrade to HttpClient 3.0 dkfn

Release 1.1-rc2 - December 2005

update Upgrade to neko 0.9.5 dkfn
update Parser feature and property support dkfn
update stylesheetUrl support dkfn
update getTemplatesFromUrl caching dkfn

Release 1.1-rc1 - November 2005

update Configurable "id" request parameter fix dkfn
update Base URL support dkfn
update CSS Link fix dkfn
update Authentication bug fix dkfn
update Configurable BridgeAuthenticator dkfn

Release 1.1-beta3 - November 2005

update Compiled with Java 1.4.2 dkfn
update Configurable "id" request parameter dkfn
update Gridsphere descriptors dkfn

Release 1.1-beta2 - October 2005

update Upgrade to Commons HttpClient rc4 dkfn
update BODY onload support dkfn
update Partial BODY class support dkfn
update style attributes rewritten dkfn
update INPUT src image urls rewritten dkfn
update Javascript and CSS regex configuration parameters dkfn
update Case insensitive LINK[@rel='stylesheet' ] matching dkfn
update Rewriting remote CSS and Javascript dkfn
update Stylesheet new line bug fix dkfn
update gzip header bug fix dkfn
update ignore print stylsheets bug fix dkfn

Release 1.1-beta1 - 15 September 2005

update Update to XSL to rewrite script urls dkfn
update Header fix for weblogic dkfn
update More l ogging dkfn
update Started pulling out CSS and Javascript rewriters for extensibility dkfn
update Bug fix to handle spaces in URL's dkfn
update JBoss isolation for liferay+jboss+tomcat dkfn

Release 1.0 - 15 September 2005

update Sets the title of the portlet to the page title dkfn
update Documentation updates dkfn
update Serial version ids dkfn
update Tests fixed and updated dkfn

Release 1.0-beta1 - 01 September 2005

update A few style changes dkfn
update Edit XSL dkfn
update Various JBoss fixes dkfn

Release 0.4 - 26 August 2005

update Edit XSL dkfn
update Secure Edit preference dkfn
update HttpClient upgrade dkfn
update Better GUID generation dkfn
update Reuse of BridgeRequests for same urls dkfn

Release 0.3.1 - 19 August 2005

update Better management of temporarily cached pages dkfn
update Error page fix dkfn
update doPost support dkfn

Release 0.3 - 17 August 2005

update Massive rewrite using code donated by Sitevision dkfn
update CSS rewriting dkfn
update Support for hiding downstream urls dkfn
update Javascript opener rewriting dkfn
update Edit page for initUrl and scope dkfn
update Regex scope dkfn
update Help page dkfn
update Back button and refresh support dkfn
update Proxy Authentication Support dkfn
update Proxy Support dkfn
update NTLM Proxy Support dkfn
update Error page dkfn

Release 0.2 - 3 July 2005

update XSL stylesheets from any URL dkfn
update Support for non HTTP urls dkfn
update Fixed PortletURLRewriter "../" urls dkfn
update Title set from downstream title dkfn
update More Javadocs dkfn