PortletBridge Portlet Features

The PortletBridge Portlet project creates a JSR-168 Portlet that can proxy and rewrite content from a downstream web site. Currently, the portlet supports:

  • Getting content from a downstream site
  • Proxy configuration (including NTLM and Basic authentication)
  • NTLM and Basic authentication as preferences
  • Using an xsl stylesheet to rewrite the content from the downstream site
  • Proxying of remote resources (e.g. images, flash etc.)
  • Regular expression defining which URL's are in the portlet and which should be regular links
  • XSL Stylesheets packaged as part of the portlet or remote (URL based)
  • Links to binary files
  • Rewriting CSS urls
  • Moving javascript and css links out of the head
  • Hiding of downstream URLs and configurable scope
  • Back button and refresh support
  • Base tag support
  • Pluggable authentication
  • Configurable regular expressions for Javascript and CSS rewriting
  • Help and Edit modes
PortletBridge has been tested for the following Portals
  • Pluto 1.0.1
  • JBoss Portal 2.2
  • JBoss Portal 2.0
  • LifeRay Professional 3.6.0
  • Gridsphere Portal 2.1.1
  • uPortal 2.5.1
Reports are that PortletBridge works with the following Portals
  • Weblogic Portal
  • Jetspeed 2

The size of the PortletBridge portlet is due to the inclusion of the Xalan and Xerces jars for rewriting the content from the downstream site.