Interface BridgeTransformer

All Known Implementing Classes:
AltBridgeTransformer, DefaultBridgeTransformer

public interface BridgeTransformer

The portlet uses implementations of this class to transform data from the downstream site into the portlet content


Method Summary
 void transform(PortletBridgeMemento memento, PerPortletMemento perPortletMemento, currentUrl, javax.portlet.RenderRequest request, javax.portlet.RenderResponse response, in)
          Transform the downstream content to portlet content

Method Detail


void transform(PortletBridgeMemento memento,
               PerPortletMemento perPortletMemento,
               javax.portlet.RenderRequest request,
               javax.portlet.RenderResponse response,
               throws org.portletbridge.ResourceException
Transform the downstream content to portlet content

memento - the portlet memento to use
perPortletMemento - the memento for the particular portlet instance
currentUrl - the current url
request - the render request
response - the render response to write the result out to
in - the reader to read the downstream content from
org.portletbridge.ResourceException - if there is a problem transforming the content

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