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The Horror Of British Telecom
The Internet
Posted by timothy on Tuesday May 10, @05:39AM
from the does-it-have-cheesy-special-effects? dept.
MBCook writes "'Someone, raised amidst the elegant lattice of custom and tradition that serves as the foundation of English society, came up with a very elegant, very British, solution to broadband policy here. And it absolutely, positively sucks.' So starts an article by Mark Hachman over at ExtremeTech chronicling his odyssey to get broadband in his new flat."

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IT: Spam Blacklist Targets Hijacked Telewest Customers
Posted by timothy on Tuesday May 10, @02:43AM
from the spammers-should-be-hung-by-their-thumbs dept.
davidmcg writes "BBC.co.uk reports that UK cable firm Telewest has had almost one million email address blacklisted by an anti-spam firm. The Spam Prevention Early Warning System blacklisted the email addresses because a large number of the machines using them have been hijacked by spammers. Telewest have stated that they knew about the problem and have been working with customers to regain control of their machines."

( Read More... | 107 of 128 comments | it.slashdot.org )

Apple: iTunes Music Store Sells Videos
Media (Apple)
Posted by timothy on Monday May 09, @11:55PM
from the now-the-world-is-finished dept.
bonch writes "With the recent release of iTunes 4.8 and its ability to manage and play videos, several users are discovering that iTunes is now selling videos through the online store. One example is the 'Feel Good Inc.' single used in the recent rollerskating iPod ad. The videos are provided in DRM-less .mp4 format encoded in 3ivx D4 4.5 and are available with purchase of the album."

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Interview with the Creator of BitTorrent
The Internet
Posted by timothy on Monday May 09, @10:20PM
from the what-you-say dept.
brokencomputer writes "There is an interesting interview with Bram Cohen, the creator of BitTorrent, on my site, WrongPlanet.net. Because there is already a plethora of information about BitTorrent, this interview takes a different approach and focuses entirely on Cohen's Asperger's Syndrome. In addition to being interesting to anyone interested in BitTorrent, Cohen's story is extremely inspirational to those of us who do have Asperger's, and will probably be so even to those without Asperger's Syndrome."

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Science: Hybrid Drivers Provide Real-World Mileage Data
Posted by timothy on Monday May 09, @09:29PM
from the what-about-all-those-batteries dept.
Jason Siegel writes "Hybrid cars seem like the answer to rising gas prices, increased pollution and growing dependence on foreign oil, yet EPA tests have failed to produce reliable mileage estimations for consumers. Dependable fuel economy figures are now available at GreenHybrid.com, where hybrid owners have logged over 5,000,000 miles of driving information in real-world conditions. Unlike government tests and individual accounts, the database analyzes thousands of actual experiences to provide true mileage statistics." Read on for the rest.

( Read More... | 1057 bytes in body | 576 of 743 comments | science.slashdot.org )

BSD: FreeBSD 5.4 Released
Posted by timothy on Monday May 09, @08:36PM
from the still-free-too dept.
FreeBSD 5.4 is out. Reader KFW excerpts from the announcement: "The Release Engineering Team is happy to announce the availability of FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE, the latest release of the FreeBSD Stable development branch. Since FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE in November 2004 we have made many improvements in functionality, stability, performance, and device driver support for some hardware, as well as dealt with known security issues and made many bugfixes." Here are the release notes.

( Read More... | 94 of 156 comments | bsd.slashdot.org )

Hardware: Testing Out Cell-Phone Viruses on a Prius
Posted by timothy on Monday May 09, @07:47PM
from the deep-underground-in-their-lair dept.
Mikko Hypponen writes "Couple of months ago there were rumours floating around that Bluetooth viruses could infect the on-board computers of some Lexus cars, or at least cause some visible effects on them. We took a Toyota Prius to an underground bunker and tested various Bluetooth mobile phone viruses and assorted Bluetooth attacks against the onboard computer. Results were somewhat surprising. It came as no surprise that we could not infect the car, but the Prius performed in the test even better than expected. No matter what we did the car did not react to the Bluetooth traffic at all. Cabir tried to send itself to the car and the car just did not allow the Bluetooth OBEX transfer to happen. Then, the whole car crashed (but not because of a virus)... Full story with pictures in our weblog."

( Read More... | 117 of 164 comments | hardware.slashdot.org )

Hardware: Motorola Debuts Nano-Emissive Flat Screen
Posted by timothy on Monday May 09, @06:53PM
from the when-will-it-open-its-flower-to-us dept.
brain1 writes "PhysOrg is reporting that Motorola has developed a 5" flat-screen prototype display that uses carbon nanotubes. The display appears to promise lower costs for a full 40" HDTV screen bringing the price down to $400. The technology uses standard color TV phosphors, has a response time equaling CRTs', all in a package 1/8" thick. The display characteristics meet or exceed CRTs', such as fast response time, wide viewing angle, and wide operation temperature. All these are areas that LCDs are weak in. Is this the breakthrough we needed to finally make HDTV and flat-panel computer displays *really* affordable?"

( Read More... | 176 of 235 comments | hardware.slashdot.org )

Ask Slashdot: Finding Sponsors for an Open Source Project?
The Almighty Buck
Posted by Cliff on Monday May 09, @05:58PM
from the money-money-money-moo-ney dept.
vertigo72 asks: "What's the best way to find sponsors for an open source project? Is there some people or foundations that give grants for the development of free software? We develop an open source (GPL) box office software: phpMyTicket. At our knowledge at the moment this is the only open source software of this kind. The program is in advanced beta stage and was already used in production environment by us and by other people. The program is rather complex and big: we support online ticket shop, box office with thermal printer and control at doors with barcode scanner. Smarty, PDF and email template engines are used. Paypal and some other gateways are supported. Now we want to continue and to add more professional features, but alas this requires more funding."

( Read More... | 401 bytes in body | 123 of 189 comments | ask.slashdot.org )

Apple: Hilary Rosen Gripes About iPod, iTMS
Media (Apple)
Posted by timothy on Monday May 09, @05:04PM
from the now-we-just-need-to-establish-your-price dept.
mijkal writes "Hilary Rosen, the former RIAA CEO and chairwoman, has spoken out against Apple's "lock-in" with iPod and the iTunes Music Store." From the article: "The problem is that the iPod only works with either songs that you buy from the on-line Apple iTunes store or songs that you rip from your own CD's." Ironically, she appeals to consumer rights and anti-monopoly tactics."

( Read More... | 479 of 652 comments | apple.slashdot.org )

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