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Take Your Tomcat on the Road

Run Tomcat from your USB drive! Roshan Shrestha shows how to organize everything you need, including Java, so you can click & run Tomcat from your keychain. (1 reply: add yours)

Profile your code with JVMPI

In this Javalobby exclusive, Romain Guy explores how you can use the often missed JVMPI (The Java Virtual Machine Profiling Interface) to profile your application. Get control of your bits today! (17 replies: add yours)

Using Ant as a Text Substitution Preprocessor

One of the lesser known features of Ant is the ability to replace tokens inside text files. Pete Eakle of JExamples examines how you can use Ant as an advanced preprocessor. (21 replies: add yours)

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Project Harmony: Open Source J2SE

On Friday, Geir Magnusson submitted a proposal to the Apache Incubator PMC for an open source J2SE 5 using the Apache software license. The proposal has support from major OS names. Can it fly?

41 replies: Posted 05/09 by Michael Urban in News

JSR 273 Promises VB Like Simplicity for Java

.NET development tools have a strong advantage over when it comes to theability to build complex applications by visually connecting components. JSR 273 plans to change that.

11 replies: Posted 05/08 by Michael Urban in News

The Tigers Aren't Playing Together Very Well!

I've just bought a brand new Apple PowerBook G4 and upgraded to the new Tiger Mac OSX. The trouble is: Java doesn't appear to work correctly on Mac OSX Tiger.

10 replies: Posted 05/08 by Steve Wood in Problems, Noteworthy

Free Java Blogs

Start your free Java developer blog now, it's easy & fun!


Java Development on Blackberry

Blackberry has recently surpassed Palm as the most popular PDA. The folks at Blackberry have also made it very easy to get started in Java development for their PDAs.

4 replies: Posted 05/07 by Michael Urban in Mobile

Finally, Enclosure.

Enclosure acts as a security manager, deployment system, and application launcher, all in one. Interested?

16 replies: Posted 05/07 by Alex Lynch in Announcements, Opinion

Essential Tools for Extreme Programmers

Check out these absolutely essential tools for all extreme programmers. I have a hard time understanding how we could have lived without them for so long :)

7 replies: Posted 05/06 by Sebastian Ferreyra in Beyond Java, Noteworthy

No Fluff Just Stuff Java/.NET Symposiums

Immerse yourself for three days in more than 65 hardcore technical sessions covering J2EE, J2SE, client-side Java, web services, .NET, and more...


IzPack changes license from GPL to Apache

After discussing it on the IzPack mailing-lists, we have decided to move from the GNU GPL to the Apache Software License 2.0. We believe that this will be beneficial for the project.

6 replies: Posted 05/06 by Julien Ponge in News, Desktop

James Gosling Interview

James Gosling gave an interview to BusinessWeek recently in which he talks about his own visions for Java, as well as how being "The father of Java" has affected his life.

6 replies: Posted 05/05 by Michael Urban in News

How Do You Determine Method Visibility?

I've read around of various different methods for determining the visibility of methods. How do you do it?

25 replies: Posted 05/05 by Sebastian Ferreyra in Technique, Opinion

Help wanted: Link to Javalobby

Please link to from your Web site. It's easy with these simple graphics. Thank you!


Link to

Design Time API aims to make JavaBeans more VB-like

Joe Nuxoll, spec lead of JSR 273, Design Time API for JavaBeans, suggests that the Java community's culture is biased in favor of class libraries rather than components. What do you think?

5 replies: Posted 05/05 by Bill Venners in Opinion, Tools

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